Range Lending Core Values: Honesty

Range Lending’s seven core values are what makes it the top choice when it comes to mortgages in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties in Michigan. With each post of this seven part series, we will seek to highlight each individual core value and show you exactly how it makes us a better mortgage broker. These values work in tandem to undergird the successful foundation for exceptional speed, service, and selection of only the best mortgage products. We are a driven and dynamic mortgage broker that repeatedly over-delivers for our customers.

The second core value here at Range Lending is honesty. The previous core value was responsiveness.

Think back to all of the times that you were in the market to purchase a car. It’s a little bit overused perhaps, but the stereotype of the used car salesman is one with lots of play in plenty of commercials and comic skits. And this is the case for perfectly good reasons. More than a few of us can recall that not-so-heartfelt story about a questionable car purchase that gets told way too many times. Other times, the incredible persistence of communication ends up moving from mild annoyance to sheer frustration. Sometimes the whole experience can just be really bad.

As any good business-minded people (or even truly great salespeople) will tell you, a key part of the relationship is trust. And trust is built or earned rather than concocted. 

A mortgage is likely the singular largest purchase that you will ever make. If you can save a fraction of a percent of interest or avoid practically inexplicable fees, it translates to more money in your pocket and a much better feeling about your decision. When you work with a mortgage broker, honesty is particularly integral to the relationship. After all, you will eat, sleep, and generate fond memories in this place. It doesn’t help if those are all tainted by the frustration of a bad deal or frustrating process.

An Honest Promise

Range Lending is built around core values, and these core values are the outgrowth of a focus on committing to doing business the right way. When it comes to honesty, the Range Lending position is most succinctly summarized in a simple statement: If our loan options are not the best mortgage choice for you, we will let you know.

At the end of the day, honesty matters. All of our team members are committed to finding the best deals for our customers, period. We know the mortgage industry, we know customer service, and we know how to do things quickly. Having the integrity to point our customers in the right direction, even if it does not financially benefit us enables us to provide the best service around. 

Frankly speaking, most of the time you’ll find our products are simply the best option. But every so often, this is not the case and we’ll promise to have the courage to tell you the truth when that happens.

It’s almost revolutionary, but it should not be. After all, this large purchase wields large influence in your life both in terms of the bill you pay and the memories you make.

Each decision we assist in making is built on an element of trust. We know that being honest upfront yields better results later. If you can rely on us to find the best mortgage product, you can rely on us even more when it comes to underwriting and closing.

So if you’re interested in working with an honest mortgage broker ready to help you find the best deal for you, rather than the best deal for us, head on over and apply today! Work with the team committed to truly exceptional speed, service, and selection of the best mortgage products.

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