Range Lending Core Values: Humane

Range Lending’s seven core values are what makes it the top choice when it comes to mortgages in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties in Michigan. With each post of this seven part series, we will seek to highlight each individual core value and show you exactly how it makes us a better mortgage broker. These values work in tandem to undergird the successful foundation for exceptional speed, service, and selection of only the best mortgage products. We are a driven and dynamic mortgage broker that repeatedly over-delivers for our customers.

We could all use a little more humanity these days.

When it comes to any business transaction, it’s tempting for most businesses to see one or all parties involved as just another goal or target. With mortgages, many larger banks or other lenders make tweaks to their programs to make more loans or attract more borrowers. It’s about efficiency and ultimately all about the numbers.

At Range Lending, we target humane treatment of all of our customers. This is because at the very center of this bustling industry is the sacred right of each person to live in their home, which is a quite human desire. Whether you are a family looking to upsize a little for desperately needed space or a single individual about to make the first and largest purchase of your life, Range Lending seeks to be a dedicated part of this important relationship. This means we get to know your story, who you are, and what options work best for you. Not for us, but for you.

We do not want to accuse anyone of being out for themselves, but we know that strategic considerations can all-too-often govern key decisions. What oftens begins as a well-intentioned plan yields shortcuts designed to make the company a little more at the expense of the borrower.

The Other Side of Humanity

A mortgage is just a monetary quantification of what is your home. While sticking to your budget is one the largest considerations in purchasing a home, it is by far not the only one. Buying a home is a complex mix of emotion, monetary math, and perseverance through situations that might not be ideal or are even a little scary.

Our experience in the mortgage industry goes to work for you. Our job is to both anticipate and explain the mortgage process to you. This transparency means that we come alongside you and navigate a process which can sometimes seem opaque and overwhelming. We like to think that we put a little humanity back into getting a mortgage. We know what the common pitfalls in the mortgage process are and we work to get you in your new home as quickly as possible. 

Another part of the humanity of Range Lending is seeking to make the process as painless as possible. Easily avoidable delays irk us, too. 

Afterall, you are a human deciding to get a loan. You are not a loan number. You are not just a borrower. Our purpose is to treat you the right way when it comes to the largest decision you’ll likely ever make. We seek to answer your questions and tailor our responses to what you need, not what some law of averages says will probably work.

If working with a real, live human seeking to treat you as a human sounds like a mortgage process that you would be interested in, then Range Lending is your choice. Our brokers learn about you, your needs, and your desires when it comes to finding the perfect home. This leads to a process that is tailored to what you need and responsive to the specific situation that you may encounter in the process. Get started today with the team at Range Lending, who is committed to delivering absolutely exceptional speed, service, and selection of only the best mortgage products in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties in Michigan.

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