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Range Lending’s seven core values are what makes it the top choice when it comes to mortgages in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties in Michigan. With each post of this seven part series, we will seek to highlight each individual core value and show you exactly how it makes us a better mortgage broker. These values work in tandem to undergird the successful foundation for exceptional speed, service, and selection of only the best mortgage products. We are a driven and dynamic mortgage broker that repeatedly over-delivers for our customers.

The first core value here at Range Lending is responsiveness.

While getting a good deal is at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to an expenditure as large as a mortgage, it is equally, if not more, important to work with a responsive mortgage broker. If your closing does not happen or is repeatedly delayed, the interest rate won’t matter very much in the end. If you’re unaware of the information and items you need to bring, the resulting stress can overload, overcome, and ultimately ruin the best deal. Unnecessary stress is the last thing you need to worry about when it comes to finding your home.

That’s why our primary focus is to be there when you need us. We work to be responsive. This means that we will return your phone call, text, or email within 24 hours. That’s more than a promise, it’s a philosophy and a commitment. It’s simply how we do business.

Everyone knows that the largest lenders can appear to easily compete when it comes to price. However, with the largest lenders, you often become just another number in some queue. While the system works great for some, it leaves a lot to be desired when each mortgage is just a little bit different. And it can get complicated quickly for that lender who gets paid whether you close or not. The best decision for the system may not be your best decision, and it may not do much when it feels more like the wizard behind the curtain than your friendly, local mortgage broker who is squarely on your team.

Our goal is to be responsive and we do this by being transparent with the process and using the expertise of our combined experience to help navigate the mortgage process. Our brokers do not get paid until the loan is closed. This empowers our brokers to go out and secure the best all-around deal for each client. It also means that we meet the needs of our clients and not the other way around.

It further means that we’re up front about the requirements both because we have been there and we focus on getting you the information you need to get the deal done.

Over the years, we’ve found that the best practice is to be there when the client needs us the most. So we truly focus on being responsive. If you opt to go with Range Lending, we are never more than a simple phone call, text message or email away to answer your questions. We’ve found that a question answered now can head off the concern and heartburn later.

These questions may be anything from pre-approval questions to an eleventh-hour, double-check message making sure you have all of the right documents and funds for your very first closing tomorrow. Either way, we focus on a friendly response that you can understand. We’ve helped our customers to anticipate challenges, speed up the process, and ultimately improve the clear to close process with each of our loans to an average of just 15 days.

You don’t get an average clear to close number like that when it takes 5-10 phone calls to get through the call center or finally get that call back from your broker. And you definitely don’t get that sort of treatment when a text or email is not even a reliable option.

Here at Range Lending, it’s not a mistake that our leadoff core value is responsiveness. We seek to prioritize each relationship with our client. We know that going through the mortgage process can be a stressful time whether you are refinancing your existing home or purchasing a new home for the first time. It feels a lot better when you have a trusted friend at your side with the knowledge and experience to get the best deal for you. Put Range Lending to work for you today, and enjoy the responsiveness of a mortgage broker committed to speaking a language that you can understand.

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