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Range Lending is here to help you choose your next home purchase or refinance quickly and easily.

Not Your Average Home Lending Company

Average mortgage brokers do what's best for them and not for you. At Range Lending, our team of the best and brightest in the mortgage business will find the best loan options for your situation. We recognize that you are a human and not just a loan number, and we treat you accordingly. If you are looking for a transparent mortgage process with a trusted partner, then start working with Range Lending today!

Who We Are

The Range Lending team is comprised of mortgage professionals with extensive experience in the industry. We work on a wide variety of loans, so there is not much that surprises this team when it comes to the mortgage loan process.

Our Core Values demonstrate what drives each and every one of us.

At Range Lending we seek to be:

  • Responsive - We return your calls, emails, or texts within 24 hours, period.
  • Humane - You are a human obtaining a mortgage loan. You are not a loan and you are not just a borrower. Range Lending will treat you the right way.
  • Skilled - Our team is stacked with only the highest quality people in the mortgage business. We provide extensive experience with no neophytes here.
  • Competitive - We like it when we win, and we win when you win. Our purchase offers frequently win over others, and our rates and costs are some of the best in the mortgage industry, just saying.
  • Real - We are humans helping other humans simply save money and buy a home. We never lose focus on what matters most.
  • Brave - We seek ownership of every mortgage problem you encounter. If something goes off track or there is friction, expect our people to run towards the mess and not away from it.

If we sound like the winning mortgage team that you want to work with, click the button below to begin!

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The Range Lending Team

Range Lending


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Loan Officer

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Ashley Burgess

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Loan Officer

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Amy Wargo

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